LASIK Surgical Consultations

With only one pair of eyes, consideration of LASIK, PRK, or EPI-LASIK surgery is a serious decision. Taking a careful, conservative approach helps to insure you attain the best possible outcome.

The doctors of Southwest Vision have been managing LASIK patients since 1996, freeing many of our neighbors from the constant need for vision correction. We partner with only the leading Lasik centers in Austin that offer the most innovative surgical techniques available. Please schedule your appointment with one of our doctors to discuss if laser correction is right for you.

Cutting Edge Technology

The process begins by using a specialized VARIO® Topolyzer to capture a 3D image of your cornea, the part of the eye that the laser corrects for your vision. This 3D map of your eye is used to meticulously plan out and customize your procedure, as unique as your own fingerprint. This information is then entered into the computer that guides the laser.

The FS200 femtosecond laser then creates your corneal flap. This is the most advanced technology we have for creating a LASIK flap (in the past a blade instrument was used). Switching to an all-laser procedure has made the LASIK procedure significantly safer and more precise.

The Wavelight® Process

The Wavelight® laser is then used to reshape your cornea according to your specific prescription. This takes seconds to complete, and your eye movements are continuously tracked to maintain centration of your treatment. We offer both Wavefront-Optimized® and CONTOURA® laser treatments, both of which are advanced methods of laser correction.

In standard wavefront-guided LASIK, a targeted beam of light is sent into your eye and reflected off the retina. When the light reflects back, about 200 measurement points of curvature are taken of the eye and a treatment profile is created. With CONTOURA® Vision, we are able to use 22,000 points to map the surface, creating a highly detailed scan showing microscopic peaks and valleys that can be smoothed out by the advanced laser system. Many patients report even better vision after this treatment than they had with their glasses or contact lenses.

Safe, individualized, painless, custom LASIK. Call us today to ask about Wavelight Technology and CONTOURA® Vision.

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    LASIK technology has improved greatly over the years to become incredibly precise and customizable. Even unique eye conditions like astigmatism and irregular astigmatism are now treatable with current Wavelight® technology. At our affiliated LASIK Centers we are committed to having the most advanced technology available, to ensure our procedures to maximize the potential for incredible vision.

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    In most patients, LASIK completely eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses. This has an incredible impact on our patients’ day-to-day life. Imagine never having to worry about having your contact case and solution on hand, and constantly cleaning your glasses from smudges, dust, and moisture will be a thing of the past.

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    At our affiliated LASIK Centers we offer 2 year interest-free financing to all qualifying patients through Care Credit. With Care Credit we can begin your procedure immediately, while you pay in monthly installments that fit within your personal budget. Care Credit’s extended payment plan can help with whatever level of assistance you may need, offering plans from as low as $1,000.

The LASIK Alcon WaveLight Technology

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