Cataract Evaluations and Surgical Consultations

Most cataracts develop in patients over 55 years old, but occasionally occur in infants and children or because of trauma or medications.

Cataract development is clouding of the internal lens. The lens is located inside the eye behind the iris, the colored part of the eye. Normally the lens focuses light on the retina, however if the lens is clouded by a cataract, light is scattered so the lens can no longer focus properly. This causes a reduction in visual function and increased glare.

Everyone will develop cataracts and eventually need surgery to correct the negative impact on vision. Cataracts are diagnosed through a comprehensive eye examination. Further testing may be needed to determine the severity in which the cataract is affecting your vision and to evaluate whether other eye diseases may limit vision following cataract surgery.

Surgical Consultation

Our doctors have the latest technology in office to recommend specific implant options customized to each patient’s individual visual needs. In addition to your comprehensive eye examination, the doctors recommend a premium cataract evaluation.

What is a premium cataract evaluation?
If the goal is to minimize dependency on glasses after surgery, there are premium lens choices the doctors can discuss with you. The evaluation is time intensive therefore, it is scheduled as a separate visit from the comprehensive eye examination.

Your doctor will collect digitalized tests for the surgeon as to accurately recommend the most appropriate implant option specific to your needs. This consultation allows time for an in-depth conversation with our doctors so that they can best understand your visual goals after surgery, considering all hobbies, workplace needs, and daily activities.

We work closely with the best cataract surgeons in Austin. These surgeons utilize the Laser-Assisted cataract surgery technique to ensure the highest quality of care and most successful surgical outcomes with very quick recovery time.

After surgery, your doctor at Southwest Vision will manage your post-operative healing alongside the surgeon.

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